Pole Banners Street Light Pole Banners

Pole Banners Military Service Decorative Pole Banners

Pole Banners Street Light Pole Banners

Pole Banners Custom Digitally printed from PrintB3:

Vinyl Printed Front & Back as Low as $1.81 per Square Foot

There are few examples for more effective event promotion:

There are few examples for more effective event promotion than Street Pole Banners. Cities and towns have an affinity for banners mounted on street light poles along main streets, shopping centers, and fairgrounds Train and Bus platforms, and just about any place where you have permanent light poles.

Why is the street pole banner so revered by cities and towns?

The same municipalities that seem to further restrict many other forms of outdoor advertisement will promote street pole banner programs. The answer may lie in the vested interest they have in what is promoted by the banners, and the ability to easily regulate the presentation of the pole banners. Standards are established well in advance of any program, and frankly the citizens of these communities like the pole banner programs. Holiday themed banners are very popular creating a festive atmosphere for retail shoppers.

Placement of pole banners are displayed on main thoroughfares:

With placement of the pole banners on main thoroughfares , and other high traffic areas, pole banners remain one of the most effective event and holiday promotions. Chambers of commerce, shopping centers, veterans groups have all used this media to successfully promote their interests. When you consider the exposure both in numbers of views per banner, and the wide areas covered, pole banners are very economical.

Unfortunately, specifications and design limitations often don’t keep up:

With the available of new technology in print systems and materials pole banners are more durable. Mounting hardware has been designed to be flexible in high winds which dump the sail area of the banners. This hardware eliminated the need for those unsightly “wind slits” so often placed where the images are obscured.

The best place to get information on pole banner programs:

Your local chamber of commerce may well be your best bet. Sponsoring the regular holiday or special event banners may get your organization recognized as few other promotion vehicles can. Economic development departments and Redevelopment Authorities in many cities are organizing Military sponsored pole banner programs. Contact your municipalities purchasing department for direction to best contacts.

Pole Banner Gallery

View a gallery of  Pole Banners from the print process through fabrication on to installation.

Custom Fabrication

PrintB3 has an extensive fabrication facility where we are able to provide any custom shape you desire. Custom fitted fabrics for trade show frames are fitted to the frames here in our facility to ensure proper fit. We make sure your project looks its best with custom fitting all in-house. Some of the most experienced seamstresses ….

Step And Repeat

Step and Repeat banners used as photo backdrops keep your brand alive in all the event photography best price and quality shipping nationwide. Any event can be a Hollywood hit with Step and Repeat banners. The red carpet treatment is a hit at any event along with a photo the keeps your sponsors brand in the picture.

Event Graphics

Few companies are equipped to satisfy all the large format printing needs of spectacular event like this one in Times SquareNew York. With the full range for print formats from super wide roll to roll vinyl and fabric, to one of the largest flatbed printers in the industry. A wide variety of substrates are UV printed with thicknesses up to 1.8”.