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Pole Banners from PrintB3 are printed to the highest quality standard in the industry. Pole banners shown here are all products printed and fabricated by PrintB3. Our Pole Banners meet the demanding environment of Southern California. Only the highest quality inks from 3M and Fuji are used to print our Pole Banners and only printed on the highest quality made scrim vinyl.  Pole Banners are double row stitched with nylon threads never taped. Our Pole Banners are all printed and fabricated here in the USA.

Banner Specs13oz Blockout /DF (1000 dn x 1000 dn). Webbing sewn into the top and bottom. O-Rings in top corners, angled O-Rings in bottom corners. Snaphooks top (and bottom if needed) placed approx. every 3 feet. Hem with Webbing Sewn-in webbing reinforces the banner hems and provides extra strength and rigidity on the sides of the banner. The webbing can be used in any fabrication method shown. Reinforced  Corners Extra protection from ripping at the seams. The corners can be reinforced either on the back only or both front and back for even greater strength and durability. Snap Hooks Snap hooks are sewn into the edge of the banner with webbing and snapped over a steel cable or rope. They can be sewn into the top only or both top and bottom. Wind Slits Wind slits are cut into the banner approx. every 3 feet (staggered) to reduce tension in high wind areas. Back to back banners require the wind slits to be sewn to retain their effectiveness. Additional wind slits may be required due to wind factor.O-RingsO-rings are sewn into the corners of the banner with webbing. Loop the rope or cable through the rings for fast and easy tie-downs. O-rings can also be used in place of snap hooks.