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How Can You Make Window Graphics Avoiding Common Blunders

How Can You Make Window Graphics Avoiding Common Blunders

In the real estate business curb appeal is a mantra for getting prospects in the door. There is the same opportunity when attracting traffic in a business. Store fronts compete for traffic just like selling a home in any neighborhood. You make the investment to position your business in the best location, now you want them in the door. A location with hundreds of square feet of window space exposed to passing traffic can be your traffic net. You have an opportunity to not only make your location inviting you may also make your messaging impress thousands of passing viewers.

Window dressing has been featured by many upscale department stores from the turn of the century employing frontage space as their primary enticement to shoppers. This space was deemed to be so valuable that celebrity artists like Salvador Dali were employed to adorn store windows. The hit BBC television series, Mr. Selfridge with his ground breaking department store illustrates the development of window dressing as an important and effective promotion and brand building vehicle. 

Here is an example of the subtle and the informative both working together

Window Graphics every bit as valued for promotion as in the early 19 centry. Check out the hit BBC television series, Mr. Selfridge

Today we can take advantage of the lessons we learned from these pioneering marketers with a variety of window graphics from the simple and straight forward, to the exotic, for a modest investment. The window graphics may be permanent, inviting and promoting our brand, or often changed to feature short term promotions.

Consultation with your print provider along with installers will assure you get the most from your window graphic installation. Taking a survey of your window space is the first step in planning and selection of your design and the ideal material for the install. There are a wide variety of materials designed for durability and effects. Some materials are even suited for installation by your own personnel.

For a successful presentation, here is a list of the top 7 things to avoid in your window graphic installation.

  • Avoid stretching the PVC film during installation. The film has a memory and, if stretched,may return to its original shape, causing it to lift off the glass later.

  • Use cast vinyl films are more expensive but they just last longer for demanding outdoor applications, such as window graphics.

  • Avoid using an over laminate on window graphics to be installed on surfaces with compound curves.

  • Use an edge sealer. If the edges of the film have been handled a lot or have been stretched both of which can adversely affect the film’s adhesive an edge sealer will help prevent them from lifting.

  • Keep at least .250 inches away from window gaskets to avoid peeling of the edges.

  • Prior to material selection apply a sample to the surface to determine how well it will perform. Most important of all, consult with your print provider before you make an expensive mistake.

  • Most important of all, consult with your print provider before you make an expensive mistake.

City Council Candidates Run On Signage Issues Window Graphics

Window Graphics for more Signage

There were no burning issues in an election where being business friendly was a big plus in a city that is heavily dependent on sales tax revenue.  Signage is always a big issue to attracting customers in a forest of businesses. The candidate who garnered the most votes ran on a platform of increasing signage opportunities for businesses where the existing restrictions are severe.

The election may have turned on the Signage issue in this community where outside banners and architectural signs are severely limited. It is also unlikely that there will be much relaxation of the strict standards.  The solution to promoting a business may lie with “Window Graphics”.  Make the front of any business a pictorial presentation of your business.  There are few if any restrictions on signage inside a business property including the frontage windows.  Who knows, there may be a resurgence of window display awards and reviews?

Our victorious candidate made a point of how futile it may be having promoted your business on Google Maps only to frustrate your prospective customer when they cannot find your business once directed to the area. Most businesses have a sign indicating the name of the business however, how many clearly represent the nature of the business.  Window Graphics can convey a story of your product offerings, promotions, and sale events.  The traffic generated in your location may well show an interest in your business with a rich informative window display.

Department store fronts have always been renowned for their window displays spending fortunes on design and installs.  Today with affordable graphic films and readily available design talent you can realize the benefit only the big guys could afford.  A variety of products are available including some where installation can be completed with your own store staff.

The specialists at PrintB3 can help you with “Window Graphics” options. Give them a call they would love to help.


Retail Spaces Are More Than Containers For Your Business.

Retail wall spaces offer a canvas to message the gazillion visitors and customers you are working to serve. There is no end to the variety of graphic applications we have offered and delivered to our clients. So here we share some specific ideas from one of our graphic print material suppliers 3M™Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

“If Walls Could Talk …

They can talk, with wall graphics that can boost your customers’ sales.

Most brick and mortar businesses have at least four walls. And if they are covered with only paint or wallpaper, they’re being underutilized. Adding some purposeful wall graphics can boost sales. According to research conducted by Nielsen, 86 percent of people report being influenced to make purchases with store signage, compared to 37 percent who were influenced with social media.

Wall graphics used in a retail store

Wall graphics can give your customers a focal point to promote their brand. With wall graphics, you can help them customize the look and feel of their space and distinguish themselves from the competition.

For example, a bank could utilize wall graphics to feature short-term promotions. Wall graphics featuring the bank’s logo not only look great but also help build brand identity. Graphics above the teller area might feature information about home equity loans promotions or CD interest rates.

Or consider a fast-food restaurant. Featuring a new menu item or special pricing on other food items may even increase sales. According to a study from the University of California – Berkeley, people are six times more likely to buy a product if a point-of-purchase (POP) display highlights it.

Retailers can take advantage of wall space by teaming up with a vendor to promote a new item. For example, a sporting goods store might sell wall space to the vendor of a new line of hockey skates. Or the retailer might use large wall graphics so consumers can easily locate merchandise in the store.”  See more wall graphic examples here:   Window Graphics complement any in-store promotion

Choosing the right products for you retail space is easy.   Consult an expert at PrintB3. 888.774.6823 or

The original article from 3M™ If Walls Could Talk…


Smart-Street Advertising Victoria Gardens Cultural Center Lewis Family Playhouse Imaginative 3M Sidewalk Graphics Promotion

PrintB3 has a hit in Rancho Cucamonga Shopping Center

Victoria Gardens Cultural Center takes advantage of heavy traffic at the Victoria Gardens by leading patrons to their box office with sidewalk graphics. Theme related Lily pads printed on 3M side walk graphics make a trail from the Victoria Gardens shopping center to the box office area of the Lewis Family Playhouse.

3M sidewalk graphics Innovative use of promotional floor graphics

Outdoor graphics have proven to be an extraordinary value in high traffic areas. The same exposure can cost many times more in other advertising media.

Mobile media in the form of “vehicle graphics” may be the best value of all forms of promotion.

Media Asset Value Comparison

3M measured the advertising effectiveness of fleet graphics for Cadbury-Schweppes Company using GPS units to track 10 Snapple® trucks through two major metropolitan areas.Review Android Smartphone


For a complete copy of the 3M study click here Street-Smart Advertising.

Floor and sidewalk graphics are being used more and more by businesses not only as an advertising tool but as a way to simply dress up ordinary concrete and floors. Let our team work with your design to capture attention.

  • Using floor graphics is an innovative way to advertise via your company’s floors, sidewalks, and parking lots or they can simply be used to dress up basic concrete.
  • We can contour cut floor graphics to the shape of any image. Use your imagination!
  • Floor graphics are both scratch and slip resistant, so we have the ability to turn your floors into safe walk-ways of advertisements promoting your products or services.
  • We can manufacture sidewalk graphics to compliment your company’s entrance and customize floor graphics for special promotional events.

Window Graphics Have Come A Long Way From Painted Images

Window Graphics Have Come A Long Way From Hand Painted Images Adhesive Window Film From 3M

Window Graphics Sunset Blvd.

New products for use as window graphics are now offered by PrintB3.  Extensive testing of a new transparent film designed for easy installation is complete. The film features an adhesive which is repositionable by the installer. These window graphics may be installed by store personal without depending on a professional installer. Air bubbles are released through channels in the adhesive in the window film. This eliminates the need for special skills or tools to apply these window graphics.

Key Factors in new window graphics applications:

  • Overcome limitations on signage on the outside of a building

  • Restrict or allow “see through”—enabling privacy or visibility

  • Clear films vs. expensive perforated film for “see through”

  • White inks for spot color on transparent films

  • New gas flow film simplifies installation

  • Self install for chain store campaigns

  • Removable films do not leave a residue.

Often window graphics were applied to the outside of the storefront windows using white vinyl substrates either perforated or solid. When see through from inside was desirable the perforated films were used. Window graphics applied to outside surfaces have several undesirable features. The city or town may have severe restrictions of outside signage limiting the size and duration of the display. This may mean little return for an expensive installation. The durability and exposure to damage is also a concern.

Inside application of your window graphics can eliminate the signage restriction placed on the same display outdoors.  The window graphic is not subject to the same wear and tear as an outdoor display. Installation of the window graphics can be done without interfering without interfering with site traffic, and in an environment more amenable to both the product applied and the installer.The Invitation live streaming film

Contact a PrintB3 specialist for a consultation on your next window graphics display. The addition of white ink capability in the PrintB3 print process adds a new dimension to the variety of window graphic possibilities. Ask about our 3M™ IJ61  or MacTac Dusted Window or Clear Film.