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The Reprise Theatre Group Imaginative Use of Large Format Fabric Printing Sets The Stage in Brentwood California

Backstage the Reprise Theatre Group dresses up their performance with stunning background constructions designed as panels and printed on Satinette fabrics. The panels are assembled in a structure and back-lit for a stunning Silence movie now

Reprise Theater Backdrop printed Fabric

Click on the Graphic to view a clip from the show.

The Reprise Theatre Group performance at the Brentwood Theatre featured backgrounds and upholstered props printed directly on one of our large format HD printers. This elaborate staging was made affordable using the direct print technology at PrintB3.

Reprise Theatre Company Background

Large Format printing extended to a varsity of fabrics used as a theater backdrop in this case may also be used where fabric is appropriate.  Wall and ceiling treatments are also often applications of printed fabrics. Here is an example of upholstered furniture achieving the desired look.

Printed fabric used for a stage prop couch



Case for PDF When Submitting Art To Your Large Format Printer

Adobe developed the PDF (Portable Document Format) in the early 90′s and has become a standard for in the Graphic arts industry.

The principal advantages are two; first the files may be viewed by everyone using a freely distributed viewer, and the file is platform independent. Most graphic applications for Mac or Windows can readily output PDF files, and Large Format Print processors can directly accept the format.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The ability to view the files by all in the process loop is a great time saver, issues that may affect you project can be identified early in the process. By the time a busy pre-press operation gets to view the files many simple issues will have already been resolved.

In cases where you are expecting your printers pre-press department to make modifications to your files you may need additional source files for print. You are always better off if you include the PDF format with your files.

The future of the EPS file format

EPS is rapidly becoming an outdated file format which is being replaced by PDF just like PostScript itself is also being phased out and replaced by PDF. Don’t just take my word on this. Here is what Dov Isaacs from Adobe said in a discussion on a PrintPlanet forum about the future of PostScript:  Adobe will continue to support EPS as a legacy graphics format for import of non-color managed, opaque graphical data into Adobe applications (such as InDesign and Illustrator). Although we certain do not recommend that new graphical content be stored in EPS format (except to satisfy the need to import data into page layout programs that aren’t quite PDF-centric  no need to mention names here!), our user base should feel comfortable that there is no need to worry about a need to convert their very sizable libraries of EPS-based graphic assets.

Read the whole story here


Apil Is Customer Appreciation Month At PrintB3


April Is Customer Appreciation Month At PrintB3

We appreciate our customers year round and endeavor to offer the most competitive pricing all year long, but April is special. We’re celebrating the completion of our company wide operational upgrades.

To show our appreciation for your loyal support we’re sharing those productivity improvements with an additional 10% discount in the month of April. Get your art in for approval and don’t miss out on this generous offer.

Details of the offer:

Your order must be placed and confirmed in the month of April 2012.

Upon placing your order please request your 10% discount. Your discount will be applied to your invoice.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

Offer applies to Digital Prints that meet the minimum order requirement.

The discount will not apply to orders where payment does not meet the terms of sale stated on your invoice.



Cynthia Lima of Superior Electrical Advertising, Inc Expresses her appreciation for customer service from PrintB3

Cynthia Lima of  Superior Electrical Advertising, Inc Expresses her appreciation for customer service from PrintB3

I’ve been meaning to give you a call or send an email to let you know how pleased I am with the customer service that Teresa provides. She is knowledgeable and diligent in her follow up. I’m guessing that she makes your job a lot easier. She’s a keeper!

I was also very pleased on this last project at the willingness to assist by another one of your staff members. Unfortunately, I can’t recall her name but she answers the phone and is very pleasant. When I’ve called and asked for you, they don’t just simply say that you aren’t available and take a message. They always go out of their way to see if they can assist.sinopsis film

I recently used your staff as an example of what our service expectation should be with our staff members. Kudos to you for hiring great people.

Cynthia Lima
Superior Electrical Advertising, Inc.
1700 West Anaheim Street | Long Beach, CA 90813
562.495.3808 x 168| 562.435-1867Fax
800.995.9099 x 168 Outside So. Cal.


Tradeshow Graphics Printed Fabricated Packed And Delivered Just In Time For Technical Productions, Inc. St Louis Mo.

DiBond Panels Fabricated

Grand Las Vegas Trade Show 222 Dibond Panels printed on OSE 550 XT 8′ x 10′ flatbed routed to exact specifications for mounting in pre-assembled trade show stands.

Tradeshow Graphics were produced on time for a critical Tradeshow event.  More than 200 Dibond panels were printed on the PrintB3 OCE 550 XT flatbed printer.  These panels were then fabricated to exacting specifications  provided by TPI. Tradeshow  graphics on a grand scale is a demanding process, where schedules must be met without a hiccup. PrintB3 is a proven partner for you Tradeshow project however large or small. Elizabeth and TPI are a great fit together.

The first step in the large scale project is the detailed proposal.  Clients are assured of what will be delivered with a complete and detailed proposal. This provides the confidence a client needs when selecting a new partner and assures a complete understanding of the project at PrintB3.

Planning large scale trade show graphics project at PrintB3

“Looking at potential vendors in my proposal process, I had to trust a relationship I had built sight unseen, over the telephone and internet alone. Adrian nad Kenny had done such a thorough job of putting my numbers, I took a leap of faith that your crew at B3 were the right people for the job.” (Elizabeth O’Keefe TPI)

 Color match is critical using Pantone Charts providing the designer in production what they envisioned in design

Color match is critical using Pantone ChartsWatch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

DiBond panels were fabricated to precise dimensions allowing for a perfect fit in the trade show frames once printed.

DiBond panels were fabricated to precise dimensions allowing for a perfect fit in the trade show frames once printed.

Panel printing of 220 fabricated Dibond panels on the PrintB3 OCE 550 XT grand format UV flatbed printing system

panel printing of dibond panels on the PrintB3 OCE 550xt grand format UV flatbed printing system

Critical to the sucess of the project was last but not least the staging packaging and shipping of grand format printed panels. Each with specific labeling for the set-up crew at the convention center.

staging packaging and shipping of grand format printed panels

“Your proposal process, your pre-press crew, your printing crew, your multi-shift Coordination, your packaging and office staff are top notch and I stand firmly in this chair ready to recommend your services to anyone on the fence about any printing needs they might have in their future.” (Elizabeth O’Keefe TPI)

Here is the complete text of  Testimonial TPI DiBond UV flatbed printing of a large scale partnership with  Elizabeth O’Keefe Director, Creative Services Technical Productions, Inc. Learn more about Technical Productions, Inc.

See more on our flatbed printing capabilities in Fine Art HD mode here:  Here are a variety of Large Format Printmaking application examples including video of Flatbed UV printing here:

Pioneers in Film and Print Collaborate on Translight Production

Pioneers in the film and print industry collaborate to produce life like photo backdrops with direct print on Kodak polyester films, in place of the earlier DuraTrans process. Translites are large, full scale photos of scenes that complete a view, usually from a window or a doorway. They are typically used on motion picture sets as shown in this example from Richard Lund.

Richard Lund at Work on Translite replacing Duratrans with the next generation of Photo Realistic movie backdrops

Richard Lund tweaks his image for test printing the perfect scene on PrintB3 OCE 550 XT UV digital printer. Working closely with Kenny Kim and our staff, several iterations are quickly produced with and without white ink layers.

“I have made a lot of translites, actually thousands. When they work well, they are not even noticed.

I was not looking to change for change sake. My friends at B3 finally poked through my mindset to give me a vision for a real improvement. Translite_UV™ is clean and sharp, gives me bigger panels with fewer seams, does not scratch easily like Duratrans, and eliminates the need to matte spray the backgrounds.spesifikasi android

Nobody is there on stage when my backgrounds are hung to explain why I made them the way I did. They have to speak for themselves, but speak quietly. B3 Digigrafx partners with me so that what I make works. I know I have done my job when nobody notices.  Richard Lund”

DuraTrans is a durable polyester film with a photosensitive emulsion exposed and processed to produce a positive photo transparency. The process requires a laser exposure unit, and a wet film processor. Once the film is processed it requires the application of a Matte coating, which may affect the resultant image.

Translite_UV™ is an improved process that directly prints the photo quality image on a polyester film supplied by Kodak. The OCE 550 XT UV prints the high resolution image directly using an UV ink system. There is no need for darkroom film processing; the resulting image can be seen as it’s printed. UV ink systems produce matte finishes eliminating the need for a coating. This print format offers additional freedom in image manipulation with a “white layer” offering alternative day night presentations. Print Speed offers a throughput many times faster than the wet process methods. Red spectrum heat signatures from high intensity lamps used to back light the scene were not transmitted when compared to Duratrans examples.

OCE 550 XT UV printer in action printing in flatbed mode on two 4’ x 10’ panels.

Window Graphics Have Come A Long Way From Painted Images

Window Graphics Have Come A Long Way From Hand Painted Images Adhesive Window Film From 3M

Window Graphics Sunset Blvd.

New products for use as window graphics are now offered by PrintB3.  Extensive testing of a new transparent film designed for easy installation is complete. The film features an adhesive which is repositionable by the installer. These window graphics may be installed by store personal without depending on a professional installer. Air bubbles are released through channels in the adhesive in the window film. This eliminates the need for special skills or tools to apply these window graphics.

Key Factors in new window graphics applications:

  • Overcome limitations on signage on the outside of a building

  • Restrict or allow “see through”—enabling privacy or visibility

  • Clear films vs. expensive perforated film for “see through”

  • White inks for spot color on transparent films

  • New gas flow film simplifies installation

  • Self install for chain store campaigns

  • Removable films do not leave a residue.

Often window graphics were applied to the outside of the storefront windows using white vinyl substrates either perforated or solid. When see through from inside was desirable the perforated films were used. Window graphics applied to outside surfaces have several undesirable features. The city or town may have severe restrictions of outside signage limiting the size and duration of the display. This may mean little return for an expensive installation. The durability and exposure to damage is also a concern.

Inside application of your window graphics can eliminate the signage restriction placed on the same display outdoors.  The window graphic is not subject to the same wear and tear as an outdoor display. Installation of the window graphics can be done without interfering without interfering with site traffic, and in an environment more amenable to both the product applied and the installer.The Invitation live streaming film

Contact a PrintB3 specialist for a consultation on your next window graphics display. The addition of white ink capability in the PrintB3 print process adds a new dimension to the variety of window graphic possibilities. Ask about our 3M™ IJ61  or MacTac Dusted Window or Clear Film.


Pantone Color Chart How To Match Video Help Pantone System

This video does a nice job of explaining the Pantone Color matching system we rely on at PrintB3.  Each of our printers has a color chart printed for each ink system and material we print.  Your color can be matched as closely as the ink system and corresponding substrate can provide.  Selecting your colors from a Pantone Color Chart and adding those codes to your file will provide PrintB3 the best method for your prints having the colors you expect.

Calibration of your monitor will give you more satisfying results especially when working with your design team.  the Pantone Color Charts are available online below.
When relying on the color as it appears on your monitor make sure your monitor is color calibrated.  Here is a nice device recommended by Pantone.  Its on sale at as shown in this promo video:

Call your PrintB3 Account Representative for help with your Pantone Color matches. 909.259.0153

 Movie Rings (2017)


Grand Format Printing for large scale Wall Coverings and Murals

Application of large scale custom graphics to wall surfaces is made practical with grand format printing. Almost any surface can now be employed to tell your story.

wide format printer 16 foot print width with any length

Grand Format Printing wall mural

Here you see a 16 foot x 60 foot vinyl banner printed as a single unit on one of our 16 foot machines. The backdrop was used in the 2000 Olympic coverage. Printing at resolutions up to 720 dpi for applications where close viewing is in order. This vinyl banner has remained brilliant in appearance for almost 10 years.

Large format printing makes high definition custom graphic images practical for indoor and outdoor application. Museum quality presentations are now affordable for any graphic presentation.

30-foot-banner as building wrap installed on parking garage

Grand Format Banner Printing

Grand format banner installed on a building make great use of the space for messaging. The 30 foot x 60 foot banner is constructed with one sewn seam and coated with a UV inhibitor.

Map installed as a wall mural

Map installed as a wall mural

Wall coverings are now High Definition murals using 3M Controltac Films.The film is easy to install without added adhesives and can be removed cleanly. Grand format printing can turn your wall space into a story board for you message.

For additional examples of PrintB3 applications visit our Gallery here:

Some Grand and Large format applications previously printed and mounted can now be printed directly on a flat bed printer. This process will accommodate irregular surfaces as illustrated on this Spiderman image directly printed on a paneled door.

Spiderman image directly printed on a 3D surface

Spiderman image directly printed on a 3D surface

Direct printing on a panneled door. One of our favorites is this ceiling tile print made on our 6 foot by 10 foot flatbed printer.

digital direct printing on ceiling tiles

Digital Direct printing on Ceiling Tiles For more information Contact PrintB3 909,259.0153


Pantone Color Chart Matching System (PMS) Color Chart

How The Pantone Color Chart is Used to achieve Your Color Match

Designers are faced with the challenge of conveying color information to their large format printer where the desired color will be reproduced in finished print. Pantone color matching system, or PMS color charts are used to accomplish the best match.

The ink systems used by ink jet printers along with the different substrates produce different results from the same design files. PrintB3 prints individual color charts encoded with a reference number for each of its printer ink systems, on every material substrate offered. The color matching charts represent the result achieved for the full range of colors in the Pantone Color matching system.

Pantone Color Charts are loved by Ralph Kramden and Alice

Now take the case of Ralph Kramden. After sending his designer “Alice” to the moon (To the Moon Alice), Ralph was introduced to color printing. Fortunately Alice brought her Pantone CMYK color book with her to the moon. Alice while there designed a new logo for Ralph’s lodge and wants the color she sees on her proof printer to be matched by PrintB3 back on earth. Alice takes the Pantone book and finds that the red 185 matches her example.

Ralph takes her design to the PrintB3 for printing and specifies that the logo be PMS 185. The B3 color chart for the material and print system to be used is compared to another identical Pantone reference book. Our print operator selects the best match between the Pantone book and the printed sample on our color chart. That code is used to produce as close a match to Alice’s 185 red as can be produced on the printer and material used.

The common reference Alice has on the moon, with PrintB3 on earth enables them to communicate enough information to achieve the color desired. Alice will never see the printed result but she can be confident that the result will closely match her intent whatever material or printer combination PrintB3 has used.

For more in depth exploration follow this link to the Pantone Color Matching System (PMS).

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