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Here We Go Again Into 2014 And Thankful For The Chance

Consider The Value You Have Developed With Your Suppliers And Clients Through The Years.

As we enter the 2014 business year its helpful to reflect on what made us successful in the past year. We can build on those things we found working for us and reworking those that did not. We all have colleagues, suppliers and clients that contribute to meeting our goals.

This past week we found some well know people articulate the things that are important to making us successful. I believe the thoughts Meryl Streep expressed when she accepted her award as an Icon in her business relates to all of us. We rely on each other, for any of the success we have had, and to continue to strengthen those relationships is our primary goal for 2014. 

We are privileged to have been a key partner in making the presentation of the fast growing Palm Springs International Film Festival a success. The film fest has worked with PrintB3 now for more than five years developing many demanding graphic displays. 

The festival relies on the full range of our design, print formats and fabrication expertise. Much of the work being used as photographic backgrounds where millions of images of Stars and guests appear will be circulated around the world online and in every print form used today.

The special relationship we have enjoyed with the Palm Springs International Film Festival has led to many more relationships in and out of the film and event industry. Not to mention it can be a lot of fun working with the producers of such a prestigious event. Most of all it helps to keep in mind that our clients result is all that counts in the end. So on to the Santa Barbara Film Festival, and the many other projects that Printb3 clients have been relying on for years.

If we haven’t worked together in some time drop us a line or call Toll Free 855.774.6823 and we can discusses some of the exciting ways we can add value to your projects.

Commencement Pomp and Circumstance

Commencement Pomp and Circumstance Set the stage for a memorable Commencement this spring.  Graphics will present a photo backdrop captioning the event for your student’s facility and their families.

Set the stage for a memorable Commencement ceremony this spring.  Graphics will present a photo backdrop captioning the event for your student’s facility and their families.

Few events are more important than the achievement that a commencement ceremony celebrates. The students, families, alumnus, and faculty will be captured in photography and memories that rivals any prestigious event.  Dressing up the venue whether on campus or not will caption the lasting images recorded and shared.   Stages are one of the most important places where a backdrop featuring your important messaging branded with your unique school identity.

There are a variety of graphic forms and display methods to meet the requirements of any venue.  Movable roll up banners are free standing, easy to assemble, and may be used together to create backdrops and entryway isles.  Portable graphic stands may be reused for a variety of events and static displays on campus. Where floral displays are temporal, your graphic investment may well serve you for many occasions.

Where there is local or national news coverage of your commencement the value of recognizable graphic backdrops is even more important.   The materials, print formats and presentations from PrintB3 are well known among event producers for their quality and striking impressions.

A special offering is available for a limited time on our newest banner stands with graphics included. The production artwork is also available for an attractive additional charge.

Commencement Pomp and Circumstance Set the stage for a memorable Commencement this spring.  Graphics will present a photo backdrop captioning the event for your student’s facility and their families.

Complete stage backdrops like those found at film festivals and awards ceremonies work nicely to improve the ceremonial stage and the atmosphere of your commencement ceremony. These are also available with portable stands or installed by our expert s on an existing structure. Consultation with one of our customer service representatives on materials and print formats will help you produce an attractive and memorable atmosphere for your commencement events. Don’t wait any longer, let’s see what we can do to make this year’s class your contributing alumni of the future.


 Holiday season for some but its Film Festival season at PrintB3

It’s not only Santa who is checking his list twice.

Palm Springs International Film Festival Step and Repeat photo back drop

While some are winding down the approaching the holidays not so here at PrintB3. The season is in full swing beginning the first week of January with the Palm Springs International Film Festival.  This is a challenging time for both the producers of the events as well as the print providers.  Those glamorous photo shoots and video interviews all feature backgrounds featuring the festival sponsors.

These images are viewed millions of times all around the world featured in the film promotions and press releases. Not to mention the millions of shares through social media.  Sponsors performance is critical to an events success and the grand format print providers are challenged to make them look great. Many of the venues and scheduled events are not cast in stone until the last minutes.  Supporting sponsored events demands a lot attention to details with the flexibility to accommodate late changes and additions to the print work. The expectation for perfection is never mitigated by the lack of lead times.

Many of the festivals rely on a plethora of contract designers and producers leaving the coordination of art to print, material selection, color matches, etc. Designers may not be familiar with all the players in the process, with new talent changes from year to year.  Often the continuity is provided by the printer while being taken for granted by those who are not immersed in the process. This proves an opportunity for those who are willing to spend their holiday shopping season checking and double checking the print list.

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Scott Medlock and Robby Krieger Charity Event Graphics


In the Inland Empire they are all connected through B3

First the tennis connection:

It all started with B3 and its involvement with The Vijay Amritraj Foundation and it’s Charity Tennis Classic.Peter Gomezof B3 and Vijay are alums ofLoyolaCollege, ChennaiIndia, so the chemistry for a cooperative effort was natural. The tournament graphics were all produced by B3 and featured in an earlier news volume here on our blog Step and Repeat Graphics for 2009 Vijay Amritraj Charity Tennis Classic.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Next came the golf connection:

Peter’s son Adrian while participating in a Red Hill CC team play competition at Los Angles Country Club metSouthern Californiaamateur golf legend Lee Davis. No wonder golf is so popular among business professionals, where else can you spend several hours introducing yourself to your peers. The inevitable question “what business are you in?” led to an outline ofAdrian’s grand format printing business, and some of the projects B3 is involved with. It’s well known that the better the golf game and the longer you hit the ball the smarter you must be! Lee and Adrian are pretty good golfers.

Then the artist came into the picture:

Listening toAdriandescribe the work done for the Vijay Amritraj Charity Tennis Classic, Lee suggested that we connect with world renowned sports artist Scott Medlock. Scott was organizing the first Scott Medlock and Robby Krieger Invitational and Concert Charity Event for the benefit of the Pat Tillman Foundation. Weeks later Lee and Scott visited the B3 facility to learn how grand format print capabilities were used for event graphics. Scott was impressed and B3 became the principal media print supplier for the events.streaming Manchester by the Sea movie


This years event will benefit St. Jude Children Research Hospital staged at Moorpark Country Club Held on AUGUST 29th 2011 Scott Medlock & Robby Krieger Invitational www.MedlockKriegerInvitational.com


Step and Repeat Banners Brand Your next Event

Step and Repeat banners from PrintB3 909.259.0153 provide a backdrop for your event photography placing your logos in every photo taken. How many event photos rely on caption text to place the photo at your event? How many golf tournament photos have you seen where the event and its sponsors are lost to the viewer? Promote your event throughout the life of the photography rather that the putting green at the golf course.

OPARC Step and Repeat Bannerstreaming film Turbo Kid 2015

Step and Repeat banners provide a contrasting background for your photography featuring the logos of your event sponsor. The recent OPARC charity golf tournament placed a Step and Repeat banner at the first tee as a back drop for the photos of participating golfers. Every team photo included clear reminders of the tournament sponsor and event organizer OPARC.

Step and Repeat banners mounted on easy to erect banner stands accommodate movement to the awards venue, again providing a branded photo back drop. Artwork for the banners is usually provided by repeating the desired logos in any pattern where they will be framed in your photos. The size of the groups to be photographed will dictate the width of your step and repeat banner. Adjustable stands and mounts will easily accommodate up to 12 foot lengths with a standard height of 8 feet.


Extraordinary Custom Banner Fabrication and Digital Print at PrintB3

Many Digital printing companies have provided digitally banners but when it comes to the extraordinary Disney turns to PrintB3. The designers at Disney have dazzled the patrons of their parks with parade spectacles year after year. The task gets harder when your audience is as demanding as the Disney park visitors. Designers often encounter obstacles bringing their computer generated designs to the real world. Digital direct printing along with an extraordinary capacity for fabrication came together at PrintB3 to embody this idea in the real world.

Custom Banner Fabrication

Digitally printed on polyester fabrics, and then hand cut and sewn to a near invisible mesh, the effect of streamers and confetti was realized.

Custom Fabrication of complex printed graphics

As you see almost any project you can imagine may find a solution in our fabrication department.


Speed Saves Palm Springs Film Festival Project Step And Repeat Wall


Update on the 2012 Palm Springs International Film Festival

Palm Springs International Film Festival and Gala event is well under way in a number of venues around Palm Springs, California. The principal Red Carpet photo shoot takes place through the entry way of the Palm Springs Convention Center. Eighty feet of Cartier and Mercedes logos on the rich red Cartier background provide the photo backdrop for the Gala event. Foam core panels 8 feet tall provide a number of backdrops surrounding the building structure.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

The result is what the fans all around the world see on TV and print.


Event graphics generally demand last minute changes to art, and print requirements, when dealing with large events, with many sponsors, the demand is heightened. Unlike tradeshows or product campaigns, much of the organization comes down to the wire. Sponsors are solicited up to and including the event date. The ability to facilitate last minute additions or changes to art or print formats makes a huge difference to the event organizers. Surprises’ in set-up like “That wall was not there last year!” are not uncommon, especially where events are only held annually.


Step and Repeat photo backdrops, and way finding signs are the principal requirements for the Palm Springs International Film Festival.  Printing directly on rigid 4’ x 8’ panels on PrintB3 new OCE 550xt made possible last minute production and delivery just in time.  Print and mount of adhesive vinyl in producing large panels would not meet the time frame or the price point.

When you have an event that depends on many different print formats and short time frames, contact PrintB3.


Step and Repeat Banners Elements of Design

Designing step and repeat banners entails more that a simple layout of your logos. The purpose of the step and repeat backdrop is to display and preserve the event and feature its sponsors. Photos will be distributed to outlets depending on the scale of your event. These images will persist for years on the web and in print, so attention to there design and deployment are worth your effort.

The lighting of the backdrop along with the flash photography must be considered when planning your set-up. As you can see from these Palm Springs Film Festival examples flash photography is the biggest problem. It is difficult to control the lighting when many photographers are shooting away simultaneously. One device you may consider is a set-up where the step and repeat is presented at a slight angle to the head on flash. The backdrop may be either canted from bottom to top, or set at an angle to avoid a perpendicular photo shot. The examples illustrate the difference between the angled shot and the face on shot. Hot spots are less of a problem with the angled shot.

The long red carpet step and repeat backdrop presents the biggest problem. For best economy you print a continuous banner and are stuck with a lot of face on conditions. The number of photographers and the speedy passing of their subjects are less than ideal for photography. Given that the images persistence is so long where many millions of views will occur, investment in a more sophisticated step and repeat backdrop may be worth the added investment.

This photo of Maria Carey from the 2010 Palm Springs Film Festival Gala shows how well the background presents when angled to the subject.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water live streaming film

Consider producing your long red carpet backdrops in segments where they may be set at angles to the flash sources. The added expense in your framed set-up will pay back many times over in the improved quality of the photography. You may want to set-up an example beforehand to test shoot your colors and the background lighting.

Time constraints are always at event set-up time. Just remember the results will be out there for years, along with your credits.