City Council Candidates Run On Signage Issues Window Graphics

Window Graphics for more Signage

There were no burning issues in an election where being business friendly was a big plus in a city that is heavily dependent on sales tax revenue.  Signage is always a big issue to attracting customers in a forest of businesses. The candidate who garnered the most votes ran on a platform of increasing signage opportunities for businesses where the existing restrictions are severe.

The election may have turned on the Signage issue in this community where outside banners and architectural signs are severely limited. It is also unlikely that there will be much relaxation of the strict standards.  The solution to promoting a business may lie with “Window Graphics”.  Make the front of any business a pictorial presentation of your business.  There are few if any restrictions on signage inside a business property including the frontage windows.  Who knows, there may be a resurgence of window display awards and reviews?

Our victorious candidate made a point of how futile it may be having promoted your business on Google Maps only to frustrate your prospective customer when they cannot find your business once directed to the area. Most businesses have a sign indicating the name of the business however, how many clearly represent the nature of the business.  Window Graphics can convey a story of your product offerings, promotions, and sale events.  The traffic generated in your location may well show an interest in your business with a rich informative window display.

Department store fronts have always been renowned for their window displays spending fortunes on design and installs.  Today with affordable graphic films and readily available design talent you can realize the benefit only the big guys could afford.  A variety of products are available including some where installation can be completed with your own store staff.

The specialists at PrintB3 can help you with “Window Graphics” options. Give them a call they would love to help.


Colonies Crossroads Construction Fence Screen From End To End

Colonies Crossroads shopping center is expanding with several more stores into their existing site plan.

 Construction Fence Screen Colonies Crossroads Green Screen

Colonies Crossroads Upland Phase 3 Site Plan

Digitally printed fence screens offer the opportunity to beautify the construction site while promoting the store brands added to the project. With over a year of construction at the site the promotional value of this extensive signage is considerable.  Its placement along heavily trafficked thoroughfares is highly visible to the site specific potential customers.  The existing adjacent well developed phases generate heavy traffic volume in and around the new phase.

At another site in the same city PrintB3 had printed and installed a fence screen at the construction site for the San Antonio Hospital expansion.  The city management and the hospital administration were impressed with impression of the custom screen.

The San Antonio Hospital example  prompted the management company Pacific Development Group to consider a similar construction fence screen for the Colonies Crossroads new phase.  The perimeter of the site at street level on highly trafficked thoroughfares is nearly one half of a mile.  Where this project phase is expected to complete in the following year there will be tens of millions of exposures to the signage at street level.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Colonies Crossroads Upland Construction Screen Completed

The first step in the project was a detailed survey of the site by the PrintB3 project leader.  It was determined early on that the construction fence erected at the site would not present well when the graphics were installed.  A new fence of the proper height and placement was installed.  Temporary fence screens were then removed from the site. It is imperative that the measurements for each segment at the site be measured.  Site plans will not provide accurate dimensions for a successful layout.

Close cooperation between the designer and PrintB3 prepress operation was required to fit each component of the artwork to the fence segments. Access gates and gaps in the in the fencing were considered when preparing the final layout for print and fabrication. Finally a site plan is approved with any delivered realignment of the panel layout.

Construction Fence Screen Layout

Fence screen panels will be viewed from several perspectives where the art and its placement are designed for the most impact.  Moving vehicles approaching the intersection slowing to a stop light then approaches from the freeway exit were all taken into consideration.  Pedestrian traffic along the sidewalk will walk through what amounts to a storyboard of the completed project.

Colonies Crossroads Construction Fence Screen Sidewalk View

Wind loads were also taken into consideration where this location may experience 60 mile per hour gusts.  Our mesh material allows for 30% air flow eliminating the need for unsightly wind slits or windowing.  PrintB3 mesh screen material is made to meet this demanding application with 1000 x 1000 denier 12 x 12 scrim.  Primarily used for building wraps and billboards our material is constructed to meet the NFPA 701 fire retardant test method.  Fabrication includes double stitched web reinforced hems with grommets placed at regular intervals for attachment with steel hogs rings.

PrintB3 vinyl mesh is printed with solvent inks insuring maximum durability on outdoor fences. The inks and fabric are chosen for their superior longevity in outdoor applications. All inks used in the printing are UV-stabilized to ensure bright colorful graphics for the life of your project.

Other applications for custom printed fence screens include:

Many universities and sports organizations are adding Digitally Printed Fence Screens to beautify their facilities. Sponsors of athletic programs are delighted with the performance of custom printed fence screens.

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Retail Spaces Are More Than Containers For Your Business.

Retail wall spaces offer a canvas to message the gazillion visitors and customers you are working to serve. There is no end to the variety of graphic applications we have offered and delivered to our clients. So here we share some specific ideas from one of our graphic print material suppliers 3M™Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

“If Walls Could Talk …

They can talk, with wall graphics that can boost your customers’ sales.

Most brick and mortar businesses have at least four walls. And if they are covered with only paint or wallpaper, they’re being underutilized. Adding some purposeful wall graphics can boost sales. According to research conducted by Nielsen, 86 percent of people report being influenced to make purchases with store signage, compared to 37 percent who were influenced with social media.

Wall graphics used in a retail store

Wall graphics can give your customers a focal point to promote their brand. With wall graphics, you can help them customize the look and feel of their space and distinguish themselves from the competition.

For example, a bank could utilize wall graphics to feature short-term promotions. Wall graphics featuring the bank’s logo not only look great but also help build brand identity. Graphics above the teller area might feature information about home equity loans promotions or CD interest rates.

Or consider a fast-food restaurant. Featuring a new menu item or special pricing on other food items may even increase sales. According to a study from the University of California – Berkeley, people are six times more likely to buy a product if a point-of-purchase (POP) display highlights it.

Retailers can take advantage of wall space by teaming up with a vendor to promote a new item. For example, a sporting goods store might sell wall space to the vendor of a new line of hockey skates. Or the retailer might use large wall graphics so consumers can easily locate merchandise in the store.”  See more wall graphic examples here:   Window Graphics complement any in-store promotion

Choosing the right products for you retail space is easy.   Consult an expert at PrintB3. 888.774.6823 or

The original article from 3M™ If Walls Could Talk…


Tradeshow Graphics Printer Ideal For All Your Exibit Needs


PrintB3 Tradeshow Graphics Ideal For All Your Exhibit Needs

Tradeshow graphics printing in the largest formats available

With the addition of one of the largest flatbed printers OCE 550XT PrintB3 is ideally positioned to be the Trade Show print provider in Southern California.  The OCE 550XT is ideal for producing those close up high resolution photo quality graphics where eye level viewing is the norm.

Outperform the Laser imaged photo emulsion processes 

Translite_UV™ is an improved process that directly prints the photo quality image on a polyester film supplied by Kodak. The OCE 550 XT UV prints the high resolution image directly using an UV ink system. There is no need for darkroom film processing; the resulting image can be seen as it’s printed. UV ink systems produce matte finishes eliminating the need for a coating. This print format offers additional freedom in image manipulation with a “white layer” offering alternative day night presentations. Print Speed offers a throughput many times faster than the wet process methods. Red spectrum heat signatures from high intensity lamps used to back light the scene were not transmitted when compared to Duratrans examples.

Photo Quality images on a variety of substrates

This year PrintB3 had a very special ancillary project to help promote Susan Bernard’s “Marilyn: Intimate Exposures” featuring her father’s photography of Marilyn Monroe and Norma Jean.  The large format prints were produced on our  OCE 550-XT flatbed printer on foamcore. The striking prints were exhibited throughout Palm Spring’s uptown design district.

Full range of materials and print modes are available with PrintB3 

Wide format Vutek printers employing only the highest quality inks from 3M and Fuji are used to print our vinyl and polyester materials with widths up to 16 feet.  Fabrics printed with either Dye Sublimation of solvent inks assure that your imagination is the only limitation on the design of trade show exhibits.


Don’t Get The Boot From Your Convention Center Fire Marshal

Don’t get the boot from your convention center fire marshal make sure you comply with the         NFPA 701 standard.

Reported in the trade journal Fabric Graphics the following could impact your display.

On arrival of the local fire marshal to a trade show convention hall in the middle of booth setup flammability tests were performed. A sample of the materials used in the display were set alight and failed to meet the flame-retardant-buttonminimum standards required at this venue. Time and expense of this event were put in jeopardy by the use of inferior materials for the sake of a few dollars saved.

Many venues have different flame resistance performance requirements so check that the materials you use meet these requirements.  Check to see if the certifications from your print provider will satisfy the local venue avoiding onsite testing.

The lesson here is to be sure that your print provider is providing materials that meet the NFPA 701 standard.  Ask your print provider to provide the certifications before you find yourself making friends with your local fire marshal.

Having invested considerable time and resources in your new trade show booth don’t lose it all by compromising on the materials your large format printer provides. Not all materials are made to the same standard, and some materials will not meet the National Fire Protection Codes for fire safety found in the NFPA 701 standard.

decabromodiphenylether (deca-BDE)

It’s just as important to know that the fire retardant compounds in the material have not been banned for use in your state. There are many compounds used to make materials fire retardant with decabromodiphenylether (deca-BDE) common until recently banned in 28 US states. Most US manufacturers have voluntarily replaced this compound with effective Ip Man 3 2015 streaming

At PrintB3 we certify all our roll stock materials are FR and 1000DNx1000DN. Safest and strongest product in the market. This goes hand in hand with our commitment to 3M Certification 5 year MCS Warranty, B3 is committed to providing the best materials and inks for the finest output products for all our customers.


The Reprise Theatre Group Imaginative Use of Large Format Fabric Printing Sets The Stage in Brentwood California

Backstage the Reprise Theatre Group dresses up their performance with stunning background constructions designed as panels and printed on Satinette fabrics. The panels are assembled in a structure and back-lit for a stunning Silence movie now

Reprise Theater Backdrop printed Fabric

Click on the Graphic to view a clip from the show.

The Reprise Theatre Group performance at the Brentwood Theatre featured backgrounds and upholstered props printed directly on one of our large format HD printers. This elaborate staging was made affordable using the direct print technology at PrintB3.

Reprise Theatre Company Background

Large Format printing extended to a varsity of fabrics used as a theater backdrop in this case may also be used where fabric is appropriate.  Wall and ceiling treatments are also often applications of printed fabrics. Here is an example of upholstered furniture achieving the desired look.

Printed fabric used for a stage prop couch



Case for PDF When Submitting Art To Your Large Format Printer

Adobe developed the PDF (Portable Document Format) in the early 90′s and has become a standard for in the Graphic arts industry.

The principal advantages are two; first the files may be viewed by everyone using a freely distributed viewer, and the file is platform independent. Most graphic applications for Mac or Windows can readily output PDF files, and Large Format Print processors can directly accept the format.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The ability to view the files by all in the process loop is a great time saver, issues that may affect you project can be identified early in the process. By the time a busy pre-press operation gets to view the files many simple issues will have already been resolved.

In cases where you are expecting your printers pre-press department to make modifications to your files you may need additional source files for print. You are always better off if you include the PDF format with your files.

The future of the EPS file format

EPS is rapidly becoming an outdated file format which is being replaced by PDF just like PostScript itself is also being phased out and replaced by PDF. Don’t just take my word on this. Here is what Dov Isaacs from Adobe said in a discussion on a PrintPlanet forum about the future of PostScript:  Adobe will continue to support EPS as a legacy graphics format for import of non-color managed, opaque graphical data into Adobe applications (such as InDesign and Illustrator). Although we certain do not recommend that new graphical content be stored in EPS format (except to satisfy the need to import data into page layout programs that aren’t quite PDF-centric  no need to mention names here!), our user base should feel comfortable that there is no need to worry about a need to convert their very sizable libraries of EPS-based graphic assets.

Read the whole story here


Apil Is Customer Appreciation Month At PrintB3


April Is Customer Appreciation Month At PrintB3

We appreciate our customers year round and endeavor to offer the most competitive pricing all year long, but April is special. We’re celebrating the completion of our company wide operational upgrades.

To show our appreciation for your loyal support we’re sharing those productivity improvements with an additional 10% discount in the month of April. Get your art in for approval and don’t miss out on this generous offer.

Details of the offer:

Your order must be placed and confirmed in the month of April 2012.

Upon placing your order please request your 10% discount. Your discount will be applied to your invoice.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

Offer applies to Digital Prints that meet the minimum order requirement.

The discount will not apply to orders where payment does not meet the terms of sale stated on your invoice.



Cynthia Lima of Superior Electrical Advertising, Inc Expresses her appreciation for customer service from PrintB3

Cynthia Lima of  Superior Electrical Advertising, Inc Expresses her appreciation for customer service from PrintB3

I’ve been meaning to give you a call or send an email to let you know how pleased I am with the customer service that Teresa provides. She is knowledgeable and diligent in her follow up. I’m guessing that she makes your job a lot easier. She’s a keeper!

I was also very pleased on this last project at the willingness to assist by another one of your staff members. Unfortunately, I can’t recall her name but she answers the phone and is very pleasant. When I’ve called and asked for you, they don’t just simply say that you aren’t available and take a message. They always go out of their way to see if they can assist.sinopsis film

I recently used your staff as an example of what our service expectation should be with our staff members. Kudos to you for hiring great people.

Cynthia Lima
Superior Electrical Advertising, Inc.
1700 West Anaheim Street | Long Beach, CA 90813
562.495.3808 x 168| 562.435-1867Fax
800.995.9099 x 168 Outside So. Cal.


Smart-Street Advertising Victoria Gardens Cultural Center Lewis Family Playhouse Imaginative 3M Sidewalk Graphics Promotion

PrintB3 has a hit in Rancho Cucamonga Shopping Center

Victoria Gardens Cultural Center takes advantage of heavy traffic at the Victoria Gardens by leading patrons to their box office with sidewalk graphics. Theme related Lily pads printed on 3M side walk graphics make a trail from the Victoria Gardens shopping center to the box office area of the Lewis Family Playhouse.

3M sidewalk graphics Innovative use of promotional floor graphics

Outdoor graphics have proven to be an extraordinary value in high traffic areas. The same exposure can cost many times more in other advertising media.

Mobile media in the form of “vehicle graphics” may be the best value of all forms of promotion.

Media Asset Value Comparison

3M measured the advertising effectiveness of fleet graphics for Cadbury-Schweppes Company using GPS units to track 10 Snapple® trucks through two major metropolitan areas.Review Android Smartphone


For a complete copy of the 3M study click here Street-Smart Advertising.

Floor and sidewalk graphics are being used more and more by businesses not only as an advertising tool but as a way to simply dress up ordinary concrete and floors. Let our team work with your design to capture attention.

  • Using floor graphics is an innovative way to advertise via your company’s floors, sidewalks, and parking lots or they can simply be used to dress up basic concrete.
  • We can contour cut floor graphics to the shape of any image. Use your imagination!
  • Floor graphics are both scratch and slip resistant, so we have the ability to turn your floors into safe walk-ways of advertisements promoting your products or services.
  • We can manufacture sidewalk graphics to compliment your company’s entrance and customize floor graphics for special promotional events.