Mistaken Identity Prompts Re-branding Discovery Science Center

Mistaken Identity Prompts Re-branding To Discovery Cube


Confusion between the California Science Center and Discovery Science Center prompts a re-branding. Discovery Cube is inspired by its identification with the iconic structure visible to anyone who has traveled the 5 freeway in Orange County. The problem became strikingly apparent when a gift intended to mark the arrival of the Columbia space shuttle was delivered to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, intended for the California Science Center in Los Angeles.

Discovery Science Cube Center

The key element in the re branding effort is the distinctive cube adjacent to the heavily trafficked interstate 5 in the heart of Orange County. Long branded as the Science Center it became known to those who frequented the area simply the “Cube” hence the new name.

Discovery Science Cube Center

PrintB3’s long standing successful relationship with existing clients in both Orange County and the Inland Empire led to our introduction to Discovery as a Grand Format Print Provider. Over the past few years Discovery has employed almost every category of print materials, formats, and scale of projects we have to offer.

There are a variety of graphic forms and display methods to meet the requirements of any venue. Movable roll up banners are free standing, easy to assemble, and may be used together to create backdrops and entryway isles. Portable graphic stands may be reused for a variety of events and static displays on campus. Where floral displays are temporal, your graphic investment may well serve you for many occasions.

The Cube banners as seen here were printed on mesh vinyl requiring several panels fabricated together as the widest mesh material available is 16 feet. Extensive fabrication design to support the safe attachment to the cube was imperative, allowing the safe install and removal. The banners are print on our 16 foot Vutek using the Fuji Sericol ink system ensuring a durable bright image for the term of the campaign. We have printed several Cube banners where the construction and install method has become routine.

PrintB3 won its place initially as a print provider at Discovery however the relationship has grown substantially on its customer service. Working closely with Discovery designers, keeping them abreast of the best fit for their imaginative designs has proved to be our most valuable asset.

If we haven’t worked together in some time drop us a line or call Toll Free 855.774.6823 and we can discusses some of the exciting ways we can add value to your projects.

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