How Can You Make Window Graphics Avoiding Common Blunders

How Can You Make Window Graphics Avoiding Common Blunders

In the real estate business curb appeal is a mantra for getting prospects in the door. There is the same opportunity when attracting traffic in a business. Store fronts compete for traffic just like selling a home in any neighborhood. You make the investment to position your business in the best location, now you want them in the door. A location with hundreds of square feet of window space exposed to passing traffic can be your traffic net. You have an opportunity to not only make your location inviting you may also make your messaging impress thousands of passing viewers.

Window dressing has been featured by many upscale department stores from the turn of the century employing frontage space as their primary enticement to shoppers. This space was deemed to be so valuable that celebrity artists like Salvador Dali were employed to adorn store windows. The hit BBC television series, Mr. Selfridge with his ground breaking department store illustrates the development of window dressing as an important and effective promotion and brand building vehicle. 

Here is an example of the subtle and the informative both working together

Window Graphics every bit as valued for promotion as in the early 19 centry. Check out the hit BBC television series, Mr. Selfridge

Today we can take advantage of the lessons we learned from these pioneering marketers with a variety of window graphics from the simple and straight forward, to the exotic, for a modest investment. The window graphics may be permanent, inviting and promoting our brand, or often changed to feature short term promotions.

Consultation with your print provider along with installers will assure you get the most from your window graphic installation. Taking a survey of your window space is the first step in planning and selection of your design and the ideal material for the install. There are a wide variety of materials designed for durability and effects. Some materials are even suited for installation by your own personnel.

For a successful presentation, here is a list of the top 7 things to avoid in your window graphic installation.

  • Avoid stretching the PVC film during installation. The film has a memory and, if stretched,may return to its original shape, causing it to lift off the glass later.

  • Use cast vinyl films are more expensive but they just last longer for demanding outdoor applications, such as window graphics.

  • Avoid using an over laminate on window graphics to be installed on surfaces with compound curves.

  • Use an edge sealer. If the edges of the film have been handled a lot or have been stretched both of which can adversely affect the film’s adhesive an edge sealer will help prevent them from lifting.

  • Keep at least .250 inches away from window gaskets to avoid peeling of the edges.

  • Prior to material selection apply a sample to the surface to determine how well it will perform. Most important of all, consult with your print provider before you make an expensive mistake.

  • Most important of all, consult with your print provider before you make an expensive mistake.

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