3D Printing: The Business Opportunities And Challenges

3D Printing Offers New Possibilities For Signage And Displays

Everyone is talking about 3D printing from a home made prosthetic hand for a growing child to custom chocolates. Scanning technologies and online 3D design software are making the promise of producing anything you can conceive a reality in three dimensions. Not quite yet, the Star trek style replicator is still a long way off. There are specific design guidelines and limitations to support a 3D printable object.

The availability of useful, affordable printers is growing. Ranging from a couple of thousand dollars for desktop models to a couple hundred thousand for the industrial grade employing many more materials. As with the development of all print technology the early adopters will pay a premium for the early versions. They will become faster, larger, and less expensive along with more capabilities in time. Industrial 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys today announced what it called the world’s first multi-color, multi-material printer capable of making objects of hard, soft and flexible polymers.The most common today are ABS plastics.

The channel letter is not going to be replaced by 3D printing, nor many of today’s print formats and uses. However the possibility is here to create museum exhibits, trade show displays, architectural decorative elements and many more applications. Designers of 2D will have to work up the learning curve using new tools that support 3D printing. There are several online free tools available today including “Sketchup” Google’s browser based tool. 

Looking to grow our business we are always looking to new technologies and product applications to enhance the effectiveness of the products delivering your message. As our journey develops we will keep you up to date on what we have learned and how it may be made available.

We would love to hear your comments and ideas on how we may take advantage of this process. If you have any interest or experience with the process, drop us a line or add your comments to our blog post supporting this news letter. 

PrintB3 expolores the use of 3D printing in signage and exibits
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