Here We Go Again Into 2014 And Thankful For The Chance

Consider The Value You Have Developed With Your Suppliers And Clients Through The Years.

As we enter the 2014 business year its helpful to reflect on what made us successful in the past year. We can build on those things we found working for us and reworking those that did not. We all have colleagues, suppliers and clients that contribute to meeting our goals.

This past week we found some well know people articulate the things that are important to making us successful. I believe the thoughts Meryl Streep expressed when she accepted her award as an Icon in her business relates to all of us. We rely on each other, for any of the success we have had, and to continue to strengthen those relationships is our primary goal for 2014. 

We are privileged to have been a key partner in making the presentation of the fast growing Palm Springs International Film Festival a success. The film fest has worked with PrintB3 now for more than five years developing many demanding graphic displays. 

The festival relies on the full range of our design, print formats and fabrication expertise. Much of the work being used as photographic backgrounds where millions of images of Stars and guests appear will be circulated around the world online and in every print form used today.

The special relationship we have enjoyed with the Palm Springs International Film Festival has led to many more relationships in and out of the film and event industry. Not to mention it can be a lot of fun working with the producers of such a prestigious event. Most of all it helps to keep in mind that our clients result is all that counts in the end. So on to the Santa Barbara Film Festival, and the many other projects that Printb3 clients have been relying on for years.

If we haven’t worked together in some time drop us a line or call Toll Free 855.774.6823 and we can discusses some of the exciting ways we can add value to your projects.

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