Consider the Cost and Convenience of Removing Vehicle Wraps.

Let’s consider the prospect of having to remove this vehicle wrap.

Starbucks Goof on van with vehicle wrap

In this example there is a good case for removal and redesign.  Goofs like this are not the only reason to consider the cost of removing vehicle wraps. Eventually they will all be removed and replaced.  In some cases the graphic is changed frequently where the changeover time can substantially impact total campaign costs.

A lot of thought goes into the decisions made when designing an advertising program for your fleet. However the selection of the materials and ink systems can have a substantial effect on the total cost of the project.

Planning before you proceed with the project should involve the installers early in the process. Installers know better than most what materials will be best for your project. Prices vary greatly considering the variety of materials offered by print providers. The environment where the install will take place has an impact on how well the materials will conform to the surface.

3M the recognized pioneers in adhesives have distinct advantages in vehicle wrap applications.  Labor costs of removal and installation of new graphics can often be the largest component of a vehicle wrap.

Consider the outfield wall surfaces in a ball field where the graphics adhere to a vinyl surface where they are subjected to intense environmental and physical abuse.  These graphics are a real test for the materials, adhesives and an installer’s talent.  Removal of the old graphics where the adhesive residue is tough to remove may contribute to the failure of the new graphics. Sponsors become reluctant to spend their advertising budget on peeling and failing graphics in view of thousands of fans.

If you’re wondering how much your material choice can really impact removal times, consider this: A recent study comparing 3M™ Controltac™ Graphic Film with Comply™ v3 Adhesive IJ180Cv3 with 3M™ Scotchcal™ Gloss Overlaminate 8518 to Avery’s vehicle wrap solution found that graphics printed on the 3M film removed 3.5 times faster.

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