City Council Candidates Run On Signage Issues Window Graphics

Window Graphics for more Signage

There were no burning issues in an election where being business friendly was a big plus in a city that is heavily dependent on sales tax revenue.  Signage is always a big issue to attracting customers in a forest of businesses. The candidate who garnered the most votes ran on a platform of increasing signage opportunities for businesses where the existing restrictions are severe.

The election may have turned on the Signage issue in this community where outside banners and architectural signs are severely limited. It is also unlikely that there will be much relaxation of the strict standards.  The solution to promoting a business may lie with “Window Graphics”.  Make the front of any business a pictorial presentation of your business.  There are few if any restrictions on signage inside a business property including the frontage windows.  Who knows, there may be a resurgence of window display awards and reviews?

Our victorious candidate made a point of how futile it may be having promoted your business on Google Maps only to frustrate your prospective customer when they cannot find your business once directed to the area. Most businesses have a sign indicating the name of the business however, how many clearly represent the nature of the business.  Window Graphics can convey a story of your product offerings, promotions, and sale events.  The traffic generated in your location may well show an interest in your business with a rich informative window display.

Department store fronts have always been renowned for their window displays spending fortunes on design and installs.  Today with affordable graphic films and readily available design talent you can realize the benefit only the big guys could afford.  A variety of products are available including some where installation can be completed with your own store staff.

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