Colonies Crossroads Construction Fence Screen From End To End

Colonies Crossroads shopping center is expanding with several more stores into their existing site plan.

 Construction Fence Screen Colonies Crossroads Green Screen

Colonies Crossroads Upland Phase 3 Site Plan

Digitally printed fence screens offer the opportunity to beautify the construction site while promoting the store brands added to the project. With over a year of construction at the site the promotional value of this extensive signage is considerable.  Its placement along heavily trafficked thoroughfares is highly visible to the site specific potential customers.  The existing adjacent well developed phases generate heavy traffic volume in and around the new phase.

At another site in the same city PrintB3 had printed and installed a fence screen at the construction site for the San Antonio Hospital expansion.  The city management and the hospital administration were impressed with impression of the custom screen.

The San Antonio Hospital example  prompted the management company Pacific Development Group to consider a similar construction fence screen for the Colonies Crossroads new phase.  The perimeter of the site at street level on highly trafficked thoroughfares is nearly one half of a mile.  Where this project phase is expected to complete in the following year there will be tens of millions of exposures to the signage at street level.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Colonies Crossroads Upland Construction Screen Completed

The first step in the project was a detailed survey of the site by the PrintB3 project leader.  It was determined early on that the construction fence erected at the site would not present well when the graphics were installed.  A new fence of the proper height and placement was installed.  Temporary fence screens were then removed from the site. It is imperative that the measurements for each segment at the site be measured.  Site plans will not provide accurate dimensions for a successful layout.

Close cooperation between the designer and PrintB3 prepress operation was required to fit each component of the artwork to the fence segments. Access gates and gaps in the in the fencing were considered when preparing the final layout for print and fabrication. Finally a site plan is approved with any delivered realignment of the panel layout.

Construction Fence Screen Layout

Fence screen panels will be viewed from several perspectives where the art and its placement are designed for the most impact.  Moving vehicles approaching the intersection slowing to a stop light then approaches from the freeway exit were all taken into consideration.  Pedestrian traffic along the sidewalk will walk through what amounts to a storyboard of the completed project.

Colonies Crossroads Construction Fence Screen Sidewalk View

Wind loads were also taken into consideration where this location may experience 60 mile per hour gusts.  Our mesh material allows for 30% air flow eliminating the need for unsightly wind slits or windowing.  PrintB3 mesh screen material is made to meet this demanding application with 1000 x 1000 denier 12 x 12 scrim.  Primarily used for building wraps and billboards our material is constructed to meet the NFPA 701 fire retardant test method.  Fabrication includes double stitched web reinforced hems with grommets placed at regular intervals for attachment with steel hogs rings.

PrintB3 vinyl mesh is printed with solvent inks insuring maximum durability on outdoor fences. The inks and fabric are chosen for their superior longevity in outdoor applications. All inks used in the printing are UV-stabilized to ensure bright colorful graphics for the life of your project.

Other applications for custom printed fence screens include:

Many universities and sports organizations are adding Digitally Printed Fence Screens to beautify their facilities. Sponsors of athletic programs are delighted with the performance of custom printed fence screens.

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