Tradeshow Graphics Printer Ideal For All Your Exibit Needs


PrintB3 Tradeshow Graphics Ideal For All Your Exhibit Needs

Tradeshow graphics printing in the largest formats available

With the addition of one of the largest flatbed printers OCE 550XT PrintB3 is ideally positioned to be the Trade Show print provider in Southern California.  The OCE 550XT is ideal for producing those close up high resolution photo quality graphics where eye level viewing is the norm.

Outperform the Laser imaged photo emulsion processes 

Translite_UV™ is an improved process that directly prints the photo quality image on a polyester film supplied by Kodak. The OCE 550 XT UV prints the high resolution image directly using an UV ink system. There is no need for darkroom film processing; the resulting image can be seen as it’s printed. UV ink systems produce matte finishes eliminating the need for a coating. This print format offers additional freedom in image manipulation with a “white layer” offering alternative day night presentations. Print Speed offers a throughput many times faster than the wet process methods. Red spectrum heat signatures from high intensity lamps used to back light the scene were not transmitted when compared to Duratrans examples.

Photo Quality images on a variety of substrates

This year PrintB3 had a very special ancillary project to help promote Susan Bernard’s “Marilyn: Intimate Exposures” featuring her father’s photography of Marilyn Monroe and Norma Jean.  The large format prints were produced on our  OCE 550-XT flatbed printer on foamcore. The striking prints were exhibited throughout Palm Spring’s uptown design district.

Full range of materials and print modes are available with PrintB3 

Wide format Vutek printers employing only the highest quality inks from 3M and Fuji are used to print our vinyl and polyester materials with widths up to 16 feet.  Fabrics printed with either Dye Sublimation of solvent inks assure that your imagination is the only limitation on the design of trade show exhibits.

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