Don’t Get The Boot From Your Convention Center Fire Marshal

Don’t get the boot from your convention center fire marshal make sure you comply with the         NFPA 701 standard.

Reported in the trade journal Fabric Graphics the following could impact your display.

On arrival of the local fire marshal to a trade show convention hall in the middle of booth setup flammability tests were performed. A sample of the materials used in the display were set alight and failed to meet the flame-retardant-buttonminimum standards required at this venue. Time and expense of this event were put in jeopardy by the use of inferior materials for the sake of a few dollars saved.

Many venues have different flame resistance performance requirements so check that the materials you use meet these requirements.  Check to see if the certifications from your print provider will satisfy the local venue avoiding onsite testing.

The lesson here is to be sure that your print provider is providing materials that meet the NFPA 701 standard.  Ask your print provider to provide the certifications before you find yourself making friends with your local fire marshal.

Having invested considerable time and resources in your new trade show booth don’t lose it all by compromising on the materials your large format printer provides. Not all materials are made to the same standard, and some materials will not meet the National Fire Protection Codes for fire safety found in the NFPA 701 standard.

decabromodiphenylether (deca-BDE)

It’s just as important to know that the fire retardant compounds in the material have not been banned for use in your state. There are many compounds used to make materials fire retardant with decabromodiphenylether (deca-BDE) common until recently banned in 28 US states. Most US manufacturers have voluntarily replaced this compound with effective Ip Man 3 2015 streaming

At PrintB3 we certify all our roll stock materials are FR and 1000DNx1000DN. Safest and strongest product in the market. This goes hand in hand with our commitment to 3M Certification 5 year MCS Warranty, B3 is committed to providing the best materials and inks for the finest output products for all our customers.

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