Pioneers in Film and Print Collaborate on Translight Production

Pioneers in the film and print industry collaborate to produce life like photo backdrops with direct print on Kodak polyester films, in place of the earlier DuraTrans process. Translites are large, full scale photos of scenes that complete a view, usually from a window or a doorway. They are typically used on motion picture sets as shown in this example from Richard Lund.

Richard Lund at Work on Translite replacing Duratrans with the next generation of Photo Realistic movie backdrops

Richard Lund tweaks his image for test printing the perfect scene on PrintB3 OCE 550 XT UV digital printer. Working closely with Kenny Kim and our staff, several iterations are quickly produced with and without white ink layers.

“I have made a lot of translites, actually thousands. When they work well, they are not even noticed.

I was not looking to change for change sake. My friends at B3 finally poked through my mindset to give me a vision for a real improvement. Translite_UV™ is clean and sharp, gives me bigger panels with fewer seams, does not scratch easily like Duratrans, and eliminates the need to matte spray the backgrounds.spesifikasi android

Nobody is there on stage when my backgrounds are hung to explain why I made them the way I did. They have to speak for themselves, but speak quietly. B3 Digigrafx partners with me so that what I make works. I know I have done my job when nobody notices.  Richard Lund”

DuraTrans is a durable polyester film with a photosensitive emulsion exposed and processed to produce a positive photo transparency. The process requires a laser exposure unit, and a wet film processor. Once the film is processed it requires the application of a Matte coating, which may affect the resultant image.

Translite_UV™ is an improved process that directly prints the photo quality image on a polyester film supplied by Kodak. The OCE 550 XT UV prints the high resolution image directly using an UV ink system. There is no need for darkroom film processing; the resulting image can be seen as it’s printed. UV ink systems produce matte finishes eliminating the need for a coating. This print format offers additional freedom in image manipulation with a “white layer” offering alternative day night presentations. Print Speed offers a throughput many times faster than the wet process methods. Red spectrum heat signatures from high intensity lamps used to back light the scene were not transmitted when compared to Duratrans examples.

OCE 550 XT UV printer in action printing in flatbed mode on two 4’ x 10’ panels.


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