Digitally Printed Fence Screens are Attractive and Effective in Promotion on a Grand Scale at San Antonio Hospital Upland

Cities and towns impose ever tighter restrictions on outdoor signage, but take Pride in promoting their development full Revival! film online

Digitally printed fence screens are effective in promotion on a grand scale. While considered temporary they often are visible for the duration of the construction project promoting the project under construction. Graphics added to a construction site fence screen makes the site attractive while providing dust control and security.

Mesh Fence Screen Material Mesh banner material has three important features. Mesh is light weight compared to filled materials of the same tinsel strength. Mesh banners present significantly lower wind resistance in outdoor applications. The irregular surface reduces glare form sun light or high intensity lighting in outdoor applications. These features make it an ideal print material for a number of applications including construction fence screens, and barriers.

PrintB3 has nearly 30 years of experience, expertise and extraordinary customer satisfaction to support your requirements for a project large or small. Our prepress department can help you with mockup images for your project site.

Common rigid construction walls are enhanced with the overlay of printed banners , with logos, step and repeat images or a graphic depicting the finished project. Development agencies are delighted to promote their involvement in the project by displays of the funding sources, with accompanying stories of projects impact. MDO or plywood construction barriers may be directly printed on sheets as large as 5 feet x 10 feet, where the painted surfaces are prepared properly.

Fence Screens are more that construction barriers, Sports Fields, Tennis court wind screens, Track and field, Outfield wall sponsor graphics all found here at PrintB3. Construction Fence Screen Photo Gallery

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