Trade Show Exhibits Digital Direct Printing on Fabrics

TradeShow Graphics Exhibit Employs Direct Printed Fabrics for Stunning Impressions

PrintB3 works closely with a pioneer in the trade show exhibit design and construction field. The use of structural components that allow maximum freedom of design could not have been accomplished with conventional rigid construction methods.

Trade Show Graphics Exhibit Frame for Digital Direct Printed Fabriclive streaming film The Great Wall

In this example one of the frames was for an exhibit was built to print.

Trade Show Graphic has zippers installed for assembly and perfect fit.

The most complex section was delivered to the print floor for precise fitting. High resolution graphics were printed on fabric sections and sewn together using integrated zippers to join the elements and completely enclose the structure.
The finished structure is easily disassembled and shipped to the exhibition without the risk of damage to rigid panels that often occurs.

The printed fabrics are removed for shipment protecting the visual elements until show time.
This exhibit is the handiwork of Soest & Associates of Riverside CA.

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