Grand Format Printing for large scale Wall Coverings and Murals

Application of large scale custom graphics to wall surfaces is made practical with grand format printing. Almost any surface can now be employed to tell your story.

wide format printer 16 foot print width with any length

Grand Format Printing wall mural

Here you see a 16 foot x 60 foot vinyl banner printed as a single unit on one of our 16 foot machines. The backdrop was used in the 2000 Olympic coverage. Printing at resolutions up to 720 dpi for applications where close viewing is in order. This vinyl banner has remained brilliant in appearance for almost 10 years.

Large format printing makes high definition custom graphic images practical for indoor and outdoor application. Museum quality presentations are now affordable for any graphic presentation.

30-foot-banner as building wrap installed on parking garage

Grand Format Banner Printing

Grand format banner installed on a building make great use of the space for messaging. The 30 foot x 60 foot banner is constructed with one sewn seam and coated with a UV inhibitor.

Map installed as a wall mural

Map installed as a wall mural

Wall coverings are now High Definition murals using 3M Controltac Films.The film is easy to install without added adhesives and can be removed cleanly. Grand format printing can turn your wall space into a story board for you message.

For additional examples of PrintB3 applications visit our Gallery here:

Some Grand and Large format applications previously printed and mounted can now be printed directly on a flat bed printer. This process will accommodate irregular surfaces as illustrated on this Spiderman image directly printed on a paneled door.

Spiderman image directly printed on a 3D surface

Spiderman image directly printed on a 3D surface

Direct printing on a panneled door. One of our favorites is this ceiling tile print made on our 6 foot by 10 foot flatbed printer.

digital direct printing on ceiling tiles

Digital Direct printing on Ceiling Tiles For more information Contact PrintB3 909,259.0153

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