Pantone Color Chart Matching System (PMS) Color Chart

How The Pantone Color Chart is Used to achieve Your Color Match

Designers are faced with the challenge of conveying color information to their large format printer where the desired color will be reproduced in finished print. Pantone color matching system, or PMS color charts are used to accomplish the best match.

The ink systems used by ink jet printers along with the different substrates produce different results from the same design files. PrintB3 prints individual color charts encoded with a reference number for each of its printer ink systems, on every material substrate offered. The color matching charts represent the result achieved for the full range of colors in the Pantone Color matching system.

Pantone Color Charts are loved by Ralph Kramden and Alice

Now take the case of Ralph Kramden. After sending his designer “Alice” to the moon (To the Moon Alice), Ralph was introduced to color printing. Fortunately Alice brought her Pantone CMYK color book with her to the moon. Alice while there designed a new logo for Ralph’s lodge and wants the color she sees on her proof printer to be matched by PrintB3 back on earth. Alice takes the Pantone book and finds that the red 185 matches her example.

Ralph takes her design to the PrintB3 for printing and specifies that the logo be PMS 185. The B3 color chart for the material and print system to be used is compared to another identical Pantone reference book. Our print operator selects the best match between the Pantone book and the printed sample on our color chart. That code is used to produce as close a match to Alice’s 185 red as can be produced on the printer and material used.

The common reference Alice has on the moon, with PrintB3 on earth enables them to communicate enough information to achieve the color desired. Alice will never see the printed result but she can be confident that the result will closely match her intent whatever material or printer combination PrintB3 has used.

For more in depth exploration follow this link to the Pantone Color Matching System (PMS).

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