Step and Repeat Banners Brand Your next Event

Step and Repeat banners from PrintB3 909.259.0153 provide a backdrop for your event photography placing your logos in every photo taken. How many event photos rely on caption text to place the photo at your event? How many golf tournament photos have you seen where the event and its sponsors are lost to the viewer? Promote your event throughout the life of the photography rather that the putting green at the golf course.

OPARC Step and Repeat Bannerstreaming film Turbo Kid 2015

Step and Repeat banners provide a contrasting background for your photography featuring the logos of your event sponsor. The recent OPARC charity golf tournament placed a Step and Repeat banner at the first tee as a back drop for the photos of participating golfers. Every team photo included clear reminders of the tournament sponsor and event organizer OPARC.

Step and Repeat banners mounted on easy to erect banner stands accommodate movement to the awards venue, again providing a branded photo back drop. Artwork for the banners is usually provided by repeating the desired logos in any pattern where they will be framed in your photos. The size of the groups to be photographed will dictate the width of your step and repeat banner. Adjustable stands and mounts will easily accommodate up to 12 foot lengths with a standard height of 8 feet.

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