Mesh Banner Material the Incredible Printable Vinyl Fence Screen

Mesh vinyl is a material produced with perforations between the embedded reinforcing scrim nylon, brilliant colors and high strength.

Construction site where Mesh Banner material used as a fence screen

Mesh banner material has three important features. Mesh is light weight compared to filled materials of the same tinsel strength. Mesh banners present significantly lower wind resistance in outdoor applications. The irregular surface reduces glare form light sources, especially hot spots from flash photography when used as backdrops. These features make it an ideal print material for a number of applications.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and DownloadWatch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

PrintB3 prints at 360 DPI on Heavy duty 10 oz. vinyl mesh to ensure deep vibrant colors that stand up for years to extended exterior or interior use.

Mesh banners can be made in extremely large sizes and are therefore suitable as:

  • Building wraps
  • Scaffolding banners
  • Construction site hoardings
  • Building murals, both interior and exterior
  • Stage backdrops
  • Step and Repeat banners

Mesh banner material is used in this example as a construction fence barrier. This clever design messages the project is a new library building. Addition of the printed graphics on construction barriers not only makes the site safe, but a lot more attractive to the public.

Fence Screen San Antonio Community Hospital construction site

Mesh Banner Fence Screen


Mesh banner material is ideal when considering wind loads. Their light weight and lower wind resistance make them perfectly suited for large building wraps and scaffolding covers. Light transmission is still considerable making window covering permissible.

PrintB3 Large Format Printing Digital Direct Printing Graphics printed by PrintB3 providing a facade for R+D Kitchen store at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. Digitally printed on SeeMee mesh banner material and mounted on temporary scaffolding. The graphics depict the style of the store in its finished state. A great way to keep the site covered and telegraphs the coming attraction.
Printing Mesh Banner material on Vutek

Wind loading for these structures must be considered by the contractor. Reducing the load by 40% with the use of mesh banner material is significant. Here you find a wind Load calculation for banners Load in lbs. = sail area x (wind speed in knots)² x 0.0431

1000 square feet of banner in a 70 mile wind loads at 16,037.51 pounds. This is the wind load requirement in the Southern California. Construction Fence Screen Photo Gallery

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