Speed Saves Palm Springs Film Festival Project Step And Repeat Wall


Update on the 2012 Palm Springs International Film Festival

Palm Springs International Film Festival and Gala event is well under way in a number of venues around Palm Springs, California. The principal Red Carpet photo shoot takes place through the entry way of the Palm Springs Convention Center. Eighty feet of Cartier and Mercedes logos on the rich red Cartier background provide the photo backdrop for the Gala event. Foam core panels 8 feet tall provide a number of backdrops surrounding the building structure.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

The result is what the fans all around the world see on TV and print.


Event graphics generally demand last minute changes to art, and print requirements, when dealing with large events, with many sponsors, the demand is heightened. Unlike tradeshows or product campaigns, much of the organization comes down to the wire. Sponsors are solicited up to and including the event date. The ability to facilitate last minute additions or changes to art or print formats makes a huge difference to the event organizers. Surprises’ in set-up like “That wall was not there last year!” are not uncommon, especially where events are only held annually.


Step and Repeat photo backdrops, and way finding signs are the principal requirements for the Palm Springs International Film Festival.  Printing directly on rigid 4’ x 8’ panels on PrintB3 new OCE 550xt made possible last minute production and delivery just in time.  Print and mount of adhesive vinyl in producing large panels would not meet the time frame or the price point.

When you have an event that depends on many different print formats and short time frames, contact PrintB3.

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