• Disneyland CA Theme Park Enterance

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Prince of Persia Step and Repeat

Step and Repeats

Step and Repeat banners used as photo backdrops help keep your brand alive. Step & Repeat Banners are backdrops that usually feature logos that alternate and repeat throughout an expansive print area. This is an inexpensive way to increase brand awareness by getting your brand featured in the backgrounds of images that can be used anywhere including social media. They are popular at Red Carpet Events, Venue Entrances, Upscale Parties, Celebrity Appearances and all celebrations.  We offer great prices, quick turnaround and nationwide shipping.

 Dodgers Pole Banners

Pole Banners

Pole banners are  commonly used by cities and schools to welcome people to the town or university. They can also be used for holiday or seasonal events. Businesses can also pole banners in  front of their business to promote brand identity. Cities and towns have an affinity for banners mounted on street light poles along main streets, shopping centers, and fairgrounds, train and bus platforms, and just about any place where you have permanent poles.

Red Bull US Open

Event Graphics

Few companies are equipped to satisfy all the tradeshow and event printing needs of a spectacular event like this one. With the full range for print formats from super wide roll to roll vinyl and fabric, to one of the largest flatbed printers in the industry. A wide variety of substrates are UV printed with thicknesses up to 1.8”.

Window Graphics

Window Graphics

New products for use as window graphics are now offered by PrintB3.  Extensive testing of a new transparent film designed for easy installation is complete. The film features an adhesive which is repositionable by the installer. Some window graphics may be installed by your store personnel, no need for a professional installer. However, for more complex or larger window graphics installations, such as this one, we have a highly trained crew that will professionally install the window graphics.

Flatbed Printing 8 Ft x 10 Ft

The newest addition to our PrintB3 systems is an OCE Arizona 550 XT. This printer is capable of printing a 8’ x 10’ rigid substrate 1.8” thick. Near photo quality encourages your designer to be bolder with their graphic presentations.

Vutek 16 Ft wide 3M Inks

Vutek printing widths up to 16′ along with the Certificate of 3M™ MCS™ Warranty affirms that 3M will stand behind graphics made with 3M products and processes–a promise that extends to us, the graphic manufacturer, and our customers.

Fabrication In-House

The designers at Disney have dazzled the patrons of their parks with parade spectacles year after year. The task gets harder when your audience is as demanding as the Disney park visitors. Designers often encounter obstacles..